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"Amazing results - way beyond imagination! Only 2 months and still working!!! Thank you."Testimonials

"I've studied magick for years and didn't realize a person such as Dusty existed. Our deepest thanks to him." Chris, UK

"I really enjoy my new life, these magic spells are so efficient. Thanks to you, I can now see the light and want to live life to the fullest!" V. Florent.

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"Even in this market, I sold my home within a week of receiving the spell. AMAZING!!!."

FM38 Sell your Home

"Thank you so much for all your work. Life is so much better than it was two years ago - like night and day." D.R. USA

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For many centuries, the Dusty Miller family have helped people with Programmed Thought-Forms, known as "blessings" or "Magic Spells". The results of these ancient magic spells were so good that the Dustys expanded their repertoire and now have more fully guaranteed magic spells than any other group. More...

Love and Romance Folk Magic SpellsLove and Romance
  • FM54 achieve success in your love life
  • FM55 become more passionate and responsive
  • FM56 become a better lover
  • FM57 win love
  • FM58 improve your sexual drive
  • FM59 gain success in love
  • FM60 find a new lover
  • FM61 achieve domestic harmony
  • FM62 overcome your shyness
  • more love spells

Power StonesPower Love Stones. Just place them discreetly in any room and enjoy the effects.

Wealth and Money Folk Magic SpellsMoney Magic Spells
  • FM73 improve financial skills
  • FM74 increase moneymaking skills
  • FM75 increase your income
  • FM76 increase prosperity
  • FM77 attract wealth
  • FM78 attract good fortune
  • FM79 make your money go further
  • FM80 cope with less income
  • FM81 prevent loss and attract wealth

Health SpellsHealth Folk Magic Spells

Personal Development Magic SpellsSelf Help Folk Magic Spells

Learning Magic SpellsLearning Folk Magic Spells

Job Magic SpellsCareer and Business Folk Magic Spells

Travel Magic SpellsTravel Folk Magic Spells
  • FM63 hazard free travel
  • FM64 protection on hazardous journeys
  • FM65 take the "jinx" out of travelling
  • FM66 protection whilst travelling
  • FM67 to keep you safe and sound
  • FM68 keep your car safe
  • FM69 keep your boat safe
  • FM70 keep you safe at sea
  • FM71 keep you safe on land
  • FM72 keep you safe when flying

Protection Magic SpellsProtection Folk Magic Spells
  • FM41 protection from the evil eye
  • FM42 ward off evil
  • FM43 protection from night terrors
  • FM44 keep evil at bay
  • FM45 keep safe on the battlefield

Health SpellsHouse and Property Folk Magic Spells

Amulet Magic Spells Our Very Special Powerful Folk Magic Spells