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Our Folk Magic charms can be impregnated with up to 3 "FM" spells. Order more than one FM spell and you will automatically receive a discount:

1 FM magic spell is £30.00. 2 FM spells in a single charm costs £50.00. 3 FM spells in a single charm costs £65.00.

You just have to wear your charm (or keep it close) and the results can be priceless! Order Here


"I must thank you for your prompt attention and intuitiveness. The money I paid for the magic spells to come into my life wasn't nearly enough" Richard, New York

Like to try our love spells? Remember they will do exactly what they say they will - guaranteed or your money back!

Love and relationship magic spells that do exactly what they say they will!

love spells to help you improve every aspect of your love life. We make the spells for you (no magic spell kits) so we know they work before you receive them. For your own guaranteed, unique and very special Folk Magick Charm, just read through the spell list below and decide which is the most appropriate. Upon placing your order, let us know the Folk Magic (FM) spell number/s you require. Your spells are then individually crafted for you and cast into natural materials. Once you receive your charm, all you have to do is wear it (or keep it close).

Our spells work directly with your subconscious to help you respond in certain ways. As your subconscious is unique to you, look through the spell descriptions below and see which one/s directly appeal to you. This indicates a mental willingness to work with the love spell and ensures success.

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FM54 Achieve More Success in your Love Life

The first in our series of Folk Magic love spells, FM54 works with your subconcious and helps to heighten your senses, whilst at the same time, making you more considerate and responsive. This will add to your own pleasure and bring more success to your love life. Buy FM54

FM55 Become More Passionate and Responsive

This love spell also helps to heighten your senses, but at the same time it can help you to be much more considerate and responsive to your partner and their feelings. It can help to increase your own pleasure and in turn, that of your partner considerably. Buy FM55

FM56 Become a Better Lover

This magic love spell will enable you to release any inhibitions you may have and thoroughly enjoy your love making experience. It can help you to understand your partner's wants and needs and your heightened senses will completely satisfy both your partner and yourself, time and time again. Buy FM56

FM57 Win Love

This brand new magic love spell is ideal for those who are looking for their perfect loving partner and long term relationship. By working with your senses it will help you identify and attract your ideal lover to you. One that suits your mind, body and soul. Buy FM57

FM58 Improve your Sexual Drive

The FM58 love spell can help you in removing any obstacles that you find are having a negative effect on your sex drive. It will also help to reduce any issues you may have, whilst making you more considerate and responsive to your partner in order that you enjoy your love making long term. Buy FM58

FM59 Gain Success in Love

FM59 is perfect for those who find they keep on attracting the same sort of partner, but one that is not really suited to them. It can help you find the most perfect partner and get satisfaction at all your levels of being. So do you want another same old relationship or one that suits you “down to the ground”? Buy FM59

FM60 Find a New Lover

FM60 can work on a short term basis if that is what you want and can help you realise potential situations in which a new lover may appear, but in a relaxed, confident way. It can help you find someone most suited to your needs and you will just “know” when a new lover arrives. It may also seem that you have known each other for some time, even though you have only just met. Buy FM60

FM61 Achieve Domestic Harmony

If work, family and outside activities are causing pressure and relationship problems, then try this new magic love spell. As it works with your inner self, it can help you prioritise what is most important to you and really enjoy your quality time together. Buy FM61

FM62 Overcome your Shyness

The special love spell works with your inner self to overcome your shyness, as well as attracting people to you that have a natural understanding. It can help you gain confidence by showing you through circumstances how to communicate with others and if you are shy about your body, can help you realise that you are perfect for whatever you need to do in life Buy FM62

Very Special Power Stones

The following Power Stones have been specially designed and programmed with magic spells to change the environment in their immediate locality and are so effective, they should be used with caution. Power Stones are natural products and come in a variety of shapes and sizes.

Fertility Love Spell for Her

This formless (amorphous) flint crystal with it's highly erotic feel, is impregnated with a very potent spell for ladies. It has the effect of making your body more sensitive and your mind more relaxed, enabling you to become more adventurous in your love making, enhancing your libido and increasing your chances of conception.

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Virility Love Spell for Him

Another very powerful love spell and power stone, utilising a formless flint, with a highly erotic shape, is this little virility charm for men. For many centuries it has been known affectionately as 'Old Nick's Finger' and has the effect of leaving both partners 'somewhat breathless' to put it mildly.

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Cave of Delights - Sheila Power Stone

This rather special power stone contains a miniature Cave of Delights and a powerful spell to help a lady discover and enjoy the fountain of sensuality and sexuality within. Known as a Sheila Stone because of its symbolic portrayal of the jewels within, don't be surprised if it makes you feel "randy"! Keep beside your bed.

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Sensuality Love Spell - Eartha Power Stone

The Sensuality spell or "Eartha Stone" is used to overcome a common domestic problem; "compatibility in bed". Individually created with loving care from a sea worn pebble and inscribed with magical runes, it is impregnated with a powerful spell designed to arouse your libido, whilst at the same time reducing your inhibitions, resulting in more mutual enjoyment and satisfaction for both.

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True Love Spell - Gemma Power Stone

Dating back to the days of arranged marriages, Gemma Stones help promote a loving bond between two people. Specially programmed to create a good family relationship, comparable to the "brotherly" love of a tribe or family group and similar to the mutual trust and respect that exists between soul mates. Essentially, Gemma is designed to fill your life with real "family love".

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Free Love Spell - Frigga Power Stone

A spell contained within a naturally bored stone for the mutual enjoyment of sex, not as a declaration of love or a permanent commitment but for its own sake (i.e. an act of love with no strings attached, as opposed to casual or selfish sex). For those who don't feel the need to be tied down to a single partner but still really love their friends.

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Platonic Love Spell - Freya Power Stone

A powerful friendship/platonic spell to neutralise erotic thoughts and encourage anyone within its sphere to view others as interesting human beings, rather than just sex objects. Any relationship carried on within the room will automatically gravitate to a Platonic Love, without feeling that the absence of sexual love is depleting the relationship. For those who want loving friends, not lovers.

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"Return a Love" Magic Spell

We understand how painful it is when a relationship breaks down and how that hurt can lead you to consider anything that will bring someone back into your life. However, Dusty will not cast a so-called “Return a Lover” magic spell because it is highly unethical to use magic to interfere with someone’s free will. Think about how you would feel if you fell deeply in love with someone, but only because your feelings were not real, merely the product of a magic spell? Wouldn't you feel used? Lied to? Manipulated? Angry?

Secondly, the big problem with using magic to make someone come back is that it does not solve the cause of the break up in the first place. Until those problems are addressed and resolved to both party’s satisfaction, the relationship will not be good or long-term. In fact, we often receive Emails from people who have bought a "return a love" spell from somewhere on the internet and who are now thoroughly miserable with having to deal with a relationship that is much, much worse than before. The other person is often aware that something they simply don’t understand is driving them and these feelings lead to confusion, resentment and anger. Our advice is to consider very carefully before buying these types of spells because the outcome is rarely what was intended.

It is surely better to use love spells to bring someone to you who wishes to get to know you and who truly wants to be with you because they love you for you, not because they have been coerced or manipulated. This way, you and the other person are free to go ahead with the relationship or walk away. You and they maintain full control; you are simply making the intent that you are ready for a relationship and would welcome an approach.

We believe that if you are truly meant to be together, nothing will separate you. If you are not right for one another, nothing will keep the relationship alive - not even magic. That said, we ourselves create the opportunities. If you are ready to let the universe decide and bring you and your love together, whoever that may be; please take a look at our love magic spells.