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Our Folk Magic charms can be impregnated with up to 3 "FM" spells. Order more than one FM spell and you will automatically receive a discount:

1 FM magic spell is £30.00. 2 FM spells in a single charm costs £50.00. 3 FM spells in a single charm costs £65.00.

You just have to wear your charm (or keep it close) and the results can be priceless! Order Here


"Thank you so much for all your work. Life is so much better than it was two years ago - like night and day." D.R. USA

Our happy client testimonials...

Money and Wealth magic spells that do exactly what they say they will!

Money and wealth spells to help every aspect of your life. We make the wealth spells for you (no magic spell kits) so we know they work before you receive them. For your own guaranteed, unique and very special Folk Magick Charm, just read through the spell list below and decide which is the most appropriate. Upon placing your order, let us know the Folk Magic (FM) spell number/s you require. Your spells are then individually crafted for you and cast into natural materials. Once you receive your charm, all you have to do is wear it (or keep it close). So if you would like to get some real magic in your life, please select from the list below.

Pixie Pence Money Magnet

One of our top ten magic spells, these very unusual Power Stones are made from formless Instant Crystals retrieved after a meteor-shower. Due to the fact that they have a 'reverse' crystalline structure, they are the ideal host for a money spell and are very effective. Just keep it in your purse or wallet and for the best results, wrap a bank note around it.

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FM73 Improve Financial Skill

A must for entrepreneurs, those starting their own business or budding accountants, this spell helps you to recognise when something is right and to intuitively correct something wrong. It can even improve your mental maths, so you appear more dynamic in business meetings. If you are losing money by paying over the odds for something, this wealth spell will help you find the right deal and increase your profits accordingly. Buy FM73

FM74 Increase your Moneymaking Skills

Want to become an entrepreneur, start your own business or make your existing work or business more profitable? If so, this spell is for you. Most businessmen only use their five objective senses to make decisions, but really successful ones also use intuition or "gut feelings", giving them an "edge" or extra advantage. Working with your inner senses, this spell gives you that advantage, helping you identify profitable opportunities and increasing your money making abilities. So if you've ever missed out on a great business deal, don't miss out on this! Buy FM74

FM75 Increase your Income

Best for those employed by a company, this spell helps you to be in the "right place at the right time" and is a must have for anyone involved in a commission or bonus scheme. It helps you make the right decisions to increase productivity, efficiency and profits and can help sales people to find and close deals. It can also help you get more overtime or find a secondary income. Whatever your situation or station in life, this wealth spell helps you find the most convenient and profitable way of increasing your income. Buy FM75

FM76 Increased Prosperity

This spell is for business people and employees alike and can help to increase your prosperity and success. It works with your mental alpha rhythms and can make you aware of advantages in any given situation. When used in conjunction with the FM1, our "Gain Honour" spell, you can increase your prosperity and at the same time, easily work towards a win/win situation with co-workers. Buy FM76

FM77 Attract Wealth

This is a lucky money spell and helps attract additional money to you. Once again, by working with your inner senses, it can either help you save money or lead you into more profitable situations. In any potential financial situation, it can sharpen your senses, increase your intuition and help you to concentrate on the matter at hand with the result that you seem to effortlessly attract money to you. Buy FM77

FM78 Attract Good Fortune

Much more dynamic than the traditional "Rabbits Foot", this spell brings good luck in most situations. It is like always being in the right place at the right time, where things happen for you rather than against you. If you want to live life to the full, this spell should be your constant companion. It's also an ideal gift for any loved one or friend. Buy FM78

FM79 Make Money Go Further

Perfect for balancing your household budget and for finding those hidden bargains, this spell steers you towards great savings and away from places where you may waste money. Working with your inner senses, it's an ideal anti-impulse buying aid and tells you instinctively that an item is not ideal, whilst providing you with a sense of where you can find a better item at a better price. Buy FM79

FM80 Cope With Less Income

Been laid off off work, forced to accept a lower paid job or having to cope with a fluctuating income? By using all of your inner senses, this spell helps you prioritise spending, communicate your state of affairs to debtors or find a more suitable lifestyle or home, relieving the pressure and enabling you to cope. It also allows you to be more optimistic and intuitively lead you to situations that can change your circumstances. Buy FM80

FM81 Prevent Loss and Attract Wealth

This spell contains a powerful protection spell to prevent you making decisions that may cause you to lose money. At the same time, it will help you to intuitively spot good deals and attract money in a similar way to our FM77 detailed above. It will also help you to enjoy your money and teach you to feel that the proper use of money is to circulate and flow. Similar to the tide, money goes out but comes back again, sometimes with more. Buy FM81

Win the National Lottery spell

We are frequently asked to supply spells to bring about a win on a lottery. However, easily gaining a vast amount of money changes not only the lottery winner, but also their friends and family, generally for the worse. Our spells only work for the greater good of you, the client and therefore we do not sell lottery spells.